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Motivation - Get It, Keep It, Live It

Motivation - Get It, Keep It, Live It
By Anthony Docherty Platinum Quality Author

Motivation is a funny thing, some days we seem to have it, others we don't.

Why is this? And what can you do to increase it when it fails you?

It's easier to find if you're doing something that you truly want to do, but even if you are on that path, at times it will still be difficult, there will still be hills and plateaus to overcome.

So, what can you do to keep you on the motivated highway?

First, let's look at the meaning of the word, it comes from the word motive or defined in the dictionary: "causing, or tending to cause, motion".

That's an interesting way to look at it, what causes motion to set in place?

When I write and I feel that today is not a particularly creative one I sometimes just start with no particular idea in mind, perhaps I only have a hint of a feeling, but it's not always the case.

I just begin with a rough idea and see what comes out of the mix, nine times out of ten the beginning sets off the desire and within minutes it's all gushing out freely.

This is one step to tackle lack of motivation, just start whatever it is you mean to do and do it for five minutes, you'll see that after that time your desire has been ignited and you're off.

It could be the mundane tasks such as cleaning the house, sorting out paperwork and bills, painting the walls, fixing the garden or the more fulfilling ones like working on your hobbies, organizing a party or booking a holiday.

It doesn't matter, the effect is the same in all cases: Start it and nine times out of ten you'll get so much done without even thinking about it that you'll be so satisfied with yourself and feel a great sense of achievement.

However, what about the other one in ten times? You start something, your spirits are down, you have no motive and it never comes. You're at a dead end.

What I do in these circumstances is stop.

Yes, that's right.

End what you're doing and go and do something else, like go for a walk, watch a movie, see friends or cycle your bike. If you're stuck in the office then it could be just going and having a quiet break and refreshment or a walk outside to get some fresh air.

If the desire is not there, if those creative juices are not flowing, don't force them to come, take a rain check and do something else.

You'll find that the motivation tends to return, if it doesn't come straightaway, you'll probably find that a new desire for something else comes along and you'll begin that instead.

Great, don't worry, just do that then and you'll come round full circle and go back to the original task, but this time you'll have more energy and you'll zap the task more quickly.

Another way I deal with lack of motivation is to use the classic 'let's be a pet' method which is to use rewards to create incentive.

It's similar to celebrating our small private victories or daily, personal achievements - we should all get into the habit of celebrating our accomplishments, however small they may be.

Taking lack of motivation as an example: before you embark on that long 'put off' task, say to yourself that if "I get X done, I'll treat myself to Y".

That way you'll actually have something to look forward to and it has the strange effect of making the task seem more enjoyable.

Just use simple treats, things that you like to do; we're all different so examples could include watching a DVD, going to see a movie at the cinema, having a cafe mocha with LOTS of cream, eating a favourite snack like ice cream or chocolate (of course, don't over indulge, but I believe a little bit of what you like is good for you), reading your favourite trashy magazine or listening to your favourite music at full volume.

It's up to you, go with what you like but the point is, you'll incite a burning desire to get things in motion if you can visualise the light at the end of the tunnel.

I would just like to end by looking at something that may be troubling you more and that's long term lack of motivation that you may be suffering from.

It could be with your job, relationship or your life in general, how can you tackle this and set the wheels in motion for change?

In a way it's not much dissimilar with the above, just that it's on a larger scale, it essentially concerns doing what you really want to do in life.

If you're in a career that just doesn't resonate with you as a person or you're in a relationship with somebody and there is this niggling feeling at the back of your mind that's telling you that this "isn't right" then it's perhaps a time to start looking at finding your true purpose in life or looking deep inside your soul.

What makes you tick?

Is a major career change the solution? Do you need to be in this particular relationship to feel good about yourself or should you be finding out how to be happy without outside influences?

Let go of your fear, connect to who you are and most importantly of all, put it into action.

If change is required, so be it.

Anthony operates http://www.web-entrepreneur-solutions.com

Find out how to become a web entrepreneur the right way. Practical personal development and web business building advice.

He enjoys engaging with people to help them bring out their full potential in life.

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