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Jambatan menjadi penghubung antara dua buah kampung, perkahwinan menjadi penghubung antara dua insan dan anak menjadi penghubung antara ibu dan ayah

Kesempatan yang kecil seringkali merupakan permulaan kepada usaha yang besar.

Jaga-jagalah bergurau, kerana ia membawa kepada keburukan dan menimbulkan rasa dendam.

Bukti yang paling jelas tentang ketajaman akal fikiran seseorang ialah apabila ia dapat mempernyatakan apa yang ia mahu dengan secara ringkas.

Sahabat yang setia bagai pewangi yang mengharumkan. Sahabat sejati menjadi pendorong impian. Sahabat berhati mulia membawa kita ke jalan Allah.

Jadilah cahaya suram yang kekal abadi sinarannya dan elakkan daripada menjadi cahaya terang yang bersifat seketika cuma.

Ingatlah, sabar itu iman, duit bukan kawan, dunia hanya pinjaman dan mati tak berteman.

Sesungguhnya orang yang berakal itu menyembunyikan rahsianya, dan orang yang jahil membuka keaibannya.

What Is a Blogging Tory?

What Is a Blogging Tory?

The term Blogging Tory refers to any one of the many
authors affiliated with the conservative Canadian
community known as The Blogging Tories. Today,
there are over a hundred and fifty text-based blogs
associated with the group, and there are new Blogging
Tories every day. The Tories stand as an inspiring
example of a successful online community where the
ever-increasing numbers of affiliated members enjoy a
fertile environment for discussion and debate about the
ideas that shape the face of Canada.

The majority of Tory bloggers do make political events
and topics the focus of their blogs, but not all of the
content that a Blogging Tory creates and publishes is
overtly related to the movements of the Canadian
parliament or the prime minister. Although the
community members were brought together by a shared
conservative viewpoint, the fact that not all of the
postings on all of the member's blogs focus on political
topics is one of the most exciting things about the
Blogging Tories. On any given day, the main website's
blogroll may feature postings about Olympic medalists,
a James Bond film festival in Quebec, or a comical
personal experience with a telemarketer. The idea that
having a political affiliation in common makes it
possible to have a fruitful discussion about other kinds
of topics has interesting implications for how online
communities are established and how they grow.

The Importance of A Good Design

The Importance of A Good Design

Your website is the hub of your online business; it is the virtual representation of your company whether your company exists physically or not. When you are doing business online, people cannot see you physically like how they could if they were dealing with an offline company. Hence, people do judge you by your covers. This is where a good design comes in.

Imagine if you are running an offline company. Would you allow your salespersons to be dressed in shabby or casual clothes when they are dealing with your customers? By making your staff wear professionally, you are telling your customers that you do care about quality. This works simply because first impressions matter.

Similarly, the same case is with your website. If your website is put together shabbily and looks like a 5 minute "quick fix", you are literally shouting to your visitors that you are not professional and you do not care for quality.

On the opposite, if you have a totally professional looking website layout, you are giving your visitors the perception that you have given meticulous attention to every detail and you care about professionalism. You are organized, focused and you really mean business.

On the other hand, you should also have anything related to your company well designed. From business cards to letterheads to promotional brochures, every little bit matters. This is because as you grow your business, these items become the face of your business. Once again, think of the "salesperson dressed shabbily" analogy, and you will get my point.